Geoffrey Arone Heads To Boston For Neo Global Capital Event

Our busy travel schedule continues.  Mike is in Singapore this week and next. On Saturday, September 15, I’ll be at Neo Global Capital’s (NGC) Frontiers of Blockchain Investment at The W in Boston.

I’ve been invited to participate as a speaker and am really looking forward to sharing my experiences, as well as hearing about how others are navigating the current market conditions. Specifically, I’m excited about the opportunity to speak at an event hosted by NGC. With > $400 million in assets, NGC holds one of the largest and most diverse crypto portfolios in the world. Given that, it will be a treat to hear first-hand about their perspectives on distributed identity and security tokens. It will also be fun to spend more time with the folks at NGC since we’ve co-invested in seven deals with them in the last six months including: NKNOasisMainframeCertikOrigoUltrain and Multivac.

I hope to see you there.

Where Arrington XRP Capital Partners Are This Week

Arrington XRP Capital Partners are traveling this week and will be spread around the world. Mike will be at TechCrunch Disrupt tomorrow (Wednesday) speaking at 3:10 PM California time with Ripple CEO Brad Garlinghouse.

Heather is traveling to Israel for a special debut of new startup SpaceMesh. We’ll have more details on both of those events afterwards.

On Thursday, 9/6/18, I’ll (Geoffrey) be attending RepubliCon, a one-day summit is hosted in NYC by Republic Crypto . Like most events we’ve attended this year, the event aims to “connect blockchain founders, investors, and other innovators”. However, what caught my particular interest about this event is the opportunity to participate in a panel that will address one of the biggest challenges facing crypto investors, “Hype-Checking Crypto Investments”.

Some of the specific issues we will try to delve into include the basics such as, “What do you look for?” or “Thoughts on valuations?”, etc. These kinds of questions are table stakes for these kinds of discussions, but the real fun (or not) will happen when we start addressing the following questions:

– Have you made any investment mistakes?
– If you had one wish to help step up your investment game, what would it be?
– How are current market conditions affecting your investment strategy?

For me, that’s where I hope to see if the group will be able to get past canned responses (“Great Team! Great Vision!”, “We look at fundamentals” and “Truly disruptive, next-gen, trillion transactions/second”), and actually discuss how to find the real signals in the cacophony that is crypto investing.

The panel will be moderated by my friend and Republic Crypto Managing Director, Bryan Myint.

Also joining will be Gayatri Khot of MStateJohn Wu of Sharespost, Peter Wisniewski of Galaxy Digital and Ryan Mundy of Techlete Ventures.